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                          hot oil press made in China

Vacuum filter:
all models oil press machine with two vacuum oil filter, as you see the belowing picture, after pressed oil, oil will brfiltered by the vacuum oil filter, this way to remove impurities, make the oil more clean and healthy.

Hot Oil Press machine
Advantages: Hot press oil mahine with heat ring, the heating temperature is adjustable. Before pressed, materials need to be fried to remove moisture from material. By this way, after pressed the cake residual oil rate is very low, while the oil output is high.hot oil press no need second press.Hot pressed oil smells aroma,it had a very strong odor.
Disadvantages: Without further processing of hot oil,This oil has a very dark color, and contain a high acid value.

Principle and Structure :
Screw expeller pressing is to separate the oil from oil bearing materials by the pressing power which comes from the change of chamber volume, drive from screw worm, resistance of curve teeth at press rings and extrusion friction between oil materials. Under the big pressure created in press chamber, the oil can be discharged from gap of press bars and oil trough of press rings. Either big scale and small scale of screw oil expeller, they have similar theories in screw expeller pressing. Because the screw type seed oil expeller is mainly used by extrusion theory, so it is also called as oil extruder or oil extrusion process.


Main features of our combine screw oil press:
1.Our oil press is 3 stage crushing, high oil output, only 5-6% oil residual in the final cake.
2.Our oil press can run forward and backward, never get stuck.
3.The oil comes out freely, never spray out to hurt someone.
4.High quality machine, can be used 24 hours around for 10-15 years.
5.We will provide spare parts with low cost for the whole lifetime.
6.Low energy cost and easy operation, one person is OK.
7.We will provide pressing techniques for free.
8.We will offer one set heating circle free.
9.We will test every machine before they are sent out. Customer can use it immediately when they get it.


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